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I've always been someone who has loved to design and create games of all shapes and sizes. Games have been a fundamental outlet for my creativity since I was very young, and I've always found myself tinkering with any game I come across. Below you will find a small handful of the things I've created from a variety of mediums.

Magic: The Gathering – The Ethereal Realm

The Ethereal Realm is a self-contained Magic: the Gathering Commander Set Cube I've been creating throughout the last few years. For the Magic enthusiasts out there — and for whoever else is willing to try and parse these cards — I've chosen a small subset of cards I've created from within the set that exemplify some of the unique approaches to Magic design I've chosen to pursue.

While it's difficult to capture the story and world-building of a custom Magic plane (plane meaning world or universe among the multiverse in Magic lore) through just a small handful of the cards within it, the world of The Eternal realm is one told through the cards — a story of the dichotomies within magic, the endless ideological war between tradition and modernity playing out in the magical realms of arcana and artifice. Architects and their creations clash with arcane creatures and casters as different facets of society vie for control of the plane, for progress, for peace, and for profit.

Video Game Design – 'The Maw Wants Bones'

'The Maw Wants Bones' is a design and production document for a hypothetical rouge-like video game about using your skeleton to survive 'The Great Maw', a magical dungeon standing between you and peace in your afterlife of choice.

Escape the Room Design – Pyramid Games & More

My foray into Escape Room design began with a room I designed and built in my garage titled 'Escape the Pyramid'. It was themed as an escape from a collapsing pyramid, containing a variety of intertwined puzzles. I was able to leverage it into a successful summer business, running the room for dozens of clients and receiving the recognition of the local news. Read about it through the buttons below!

After my successful stint with Escape the Pyramid, I went on to play a critical role in the construction of two more escape the rooms. The next year, I co-led a team creating an Escape the Room to serve as the centerpiece for an exposition, a project that resulted in a very successful day of running our room for patrons of all ages. I followed that up with a job at Palace Games, a well-respected Escape the Room company that runs rooms out of the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco. I had the opportunity to assist in building of their newest room (at the time), known as the Edison Room — coming from my solo experience in Escape the Pyramid, it was amazing to see what can be achieved a budget and a team.

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