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Much of the world we know today is in many ways owed to specialization. It is a powerful thing, being able to focus one's efforts on an individual task or skill in pursuit of mastery. It seems today that specialization is in many ways demanded of us as individuals, that our worth is so often defined by our ability to complete a narrow selection of tasks or develop a small subset of skills. 

And yet, the generalist retains efficacy as a cornerstone of human society. We need generalists, the intrepid interdisciplinary innovators who build bridges between individuals and teams, who can synthesize information across fields of inquiry and industries, who can see the big picture while executing on a small scale. Contained within this portfolio is a but small share of the things I've created, chosen with the goal of exemplifying a number of critical skills I have and, above all, trying to show you the kind of thinker I am.

This is a snapshot of the things I've created – from writing to design to engineering.

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